Chemicals require sophisticated transport and logistics solutions. Through our subsidiary consor we are able to deliver our products on time and safely – both nationally and internationally. Consor logistics ideally complements the offer of Wocklum group and brings chemistry in motion. Our modern fleet ensures punctual and flexible delivery to our customers. Demountable allow a combined delivery of cargo and liquid chemicals.

Tanker transport

Our fleet of tanker trucks includes triple compartment vehicles with PVC in-liners as well as specialist steel and rubberised tank compartments.

Depending on the type of chemical product to be transported, our vehicle fleet can also be equipped with section-pressure tanker trailers, trailers with sophisticated pumping technology and specialist stainless steel trailers.

To ensure their secure loading, the vehicles are equipped with the latest pumping technology: in addition to immersion pumps and electrical pumps, 26 m³ suction vehicles can also be used.


Piece goods transport

We have a modern vehicle fleet for the transport of solid materials. All vehicles are equipped for the transport of ADR goods and naturally fulfil the latest safety standards.

Depending on the customer requirements, we can also combine the delivery of piece goods and tanker trucks with donning tanks. The specialist and certified trailers guarantee the greatest levels of flexibility when transporting chemical goods of all type.